Flights of fancy

The last look from Lee Alexander McQueen's final collection (via style.com), and the image that set the direction for my entire wedding

I would much prefer people to think of my style as 'crazy' and 'over the top' rather than 'cookie-cutter'...or, that most mundane of all things, 'pretty' (YAWN).  This is why I loved Scott Schumann's take on the "inaccessibility" of fashion.  It's not about buying the particular pieces that walk down a runway...It's about elevating our personal style with the fantasies into which some of the most creative minds of our time are letting us peek.
"Some people have commented that they don't relate to the runways shots that I have posted on the blog during fashion week. They say they can't afford the clothes or the looks don't relate to their everyday lives.

I understand these comments but I challenge you to try and look at these runway shots in a new way.

Fendi, for example, was really about fantastic color combinations. Even if you didn't like the clothes you can focus on the color schemes. These suggestions of color can be used whether shopping Fendi, or Zara, or vintage."

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